Genealogy & History

as given to us by

Giovanni Ernesto Fenaroli

On January 28 of 2011, I received an email from Giovanni Ernesto Fenaroli. He visited this website and wanted to make me aware of the significant research he had done on the genealogy and history of the Fenaroli family. Over a period of months we traded questions and information. The questions came from me and the information was supplied by Giovanni Ernesto. His research is "In Depth". For many years, he studied thousands of Historical documents from the archives of the church and state. He has constructed many family tress and is writing a history and Genealogy of the Fenaroli family of Tavernola Bergamasca. Giovanni Ernesto hopes to publish the book in 2012. I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing the book in print.

What follows is from Giovanni Ernesto. It is a first attempt at a summary by Giovanni Ernesto of the Origins of the Fenaroli Family. It is also a first attempt at producing a creditable translation. There will be additions and corrections to the summary and Family Trees, as time goes by. The original, in Italian, of these pages can be seen by clicking on the Link, "Per i nostril cugini Itaiani", below.


Following are links to a Summary of Historic Fenaroli Sites as shown to me and my family by Giovanni Ernesto, A review of the Fenaroli Clan Gathering on September 16, 2012, Several Family Trees created by Giovanni and Photos of beautiful Tavernola. Don't miss seeing all.

  • Historic Fenaroli Sites & The Fenaroli Gathering

  • Porcigatone Family Tree
  • Borgotaro Family Tree

  • Pisogne Family Tree

  • Lanciano Family Tree

  • Beautiful Tavernola

  • Our Saints

  • Per i nostri cugini Italiani

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