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Our Chief Historian and Genealogist, Giovanni Ernesto Fenaroli, tells us Tavernola Bergamasca on Lago d'Iseo is the birth site of the Fenaroli Family. All the other parts of the family branched off from there. Indeed there ate many visible signs of Fenaroli's in the area, both old, Fenaroli Tower, Fenaroli Crests and new. I found 45 phone listings of Fenaroli's in Tavernola.

There are many photos of Lago d'Iseo as well as Tavernola on the Web. I encourage all to see them. The Lake is located between Bergamo and Brescia and is near Lake Como and the Alps. There are a number of small towns, Giovanni's home town of Pisogne being one of them, located on the Lake. Tavernola has a population of a less than 3000.

In 1900, Tavernola was more than 90% destroyed by a landslide. Literally about 90% of the town slid into the Lake. Few of the Medieval structures remain. However we are happy to report part of the Fortress, in the form of a tower still remains and it is called, "Tower Fenaroli". Also there are several Fenaroli Villas in the area. Wouldn't it be fun to Scuba dive the lake looking for Fenaroli artifacts?

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