Another view of Tavernola Bergamasca from lake side. The dominant structure is the Fenaroli Tower. It is one of the few structures to remain standing after the Land Slide of 1900.

Bravo Fenaroli !!


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Historic Tavernola

Tavernola, Lake d'Iseo - Italy

Tavernola has Roman origins and is a lovely harbor with trees along the lake front. You can see the remains of the fortification called The Fenaroli Tower which once protected the town. Today the tower has a bell and a clock. Close to this tower the ancient gates are still visible and once gave access to the town. Among the villas of note are the 16th Century Villa Fenaroli with its botanical park, Villa Caprioli, Villa Camilla Fenaroli, Villa Capuani, Villa Poma, Villa Spina and Villa Longari.

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