Personal Stories...Family Pages

This section is in two parts. The first part, Personal Stories, are contributions from anyone who would like to record a story relating to their family. The second part, Family Pages are contributions from anyone who would like to describe their immediate family.

Personal Stories

If you have a story you would like to put on the site, send it to me. Emai is preferred. Applicable photos are always appreciated.

  • The Four Sisters... by Marie Fenaroli Delgrosso
  • Interviewing Antonietta... By Rita Fenaroli Sussi

  • Tonieta's Table .. By Dane Hagan.

  • One of Those Photos .. By Art Fenaroli.

  • Family Pages

    This section has been included to allow anyone to have a family page. Send me a family photo along with the following data. It is not necessary to have all the data. Best can do is fine.

    1. Date or year of photo.

    2. Event or occasion.

    3. Location.

    4. Name of each person in the photo.

    5. Music to play while the page is displayed.

    And any story you wish to include. See Contact me for my email address. If you wish to input other than via email, call me and we will work it out.

    I have put in several pages, see links below. Use them as examples. However be as free form as you wish. Creativity is encouraged.

  • The Fenaroli's of Porcigatone
  • The Fenaroli's of Astoria and Clinton Coiners.
  • The Fenaroli's of Red Hook
  • The Tambini's of Posso
  • The Hagan Household-A Modern Family
  • The Delgrosso's of Glen Cove
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