Key Events and Videos

This menu item allows anyone to list a website link to a web page that is of interest to family members. For example, a link to a Facebook page that contains photos of a recent trip to Italy, or a birthday party, etc. I have included one such link as an example, see below. To create the page for the link send me the link and some information about the link. You may want to choose some music to play while the page is displayed. Be as creative as you like. I will assemble your input and put it on the site. I will then notify you , so you can see the page and forward to me any changes I should make.

  • Arthur's 80th Birthday Party
  • Naples Surprise Party
  • Roots trip to Italy, 2009
  • Christine Hagan Visits The Naval Academy
  • Wonderful Family Trip To Italy, 1971
  • F&V Model Railroad, 2010
  • The Sozzi Castle
  • Christmas in Red Hook, 2011
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