The Villa Fenaroli in Brescia

This is the Villa Fenaroli. It goes back to the eighth century. It is in Brescia. The picture was supplied by Yvonne Fenaroli. She was there. The villa was the manor for the area. You can see the main village behind the villa. Yvonne tells me there is a grappa factory across the street from the villa. At one time I did find the villa on the Web but have not been able to find the site since. Let me know if you find a Web site showing the villa Fenaroli.

The Villa Fenaroli in Brescia

This is the entrance to the Villa Fenaroli. Note the date 1747. That's Richard Fenaroli standing by the gate. The photo was supplied by Andrea Fenaroli.

The Grappa factory across from Villa Fenaroli in Brescia

This is the label for the grappa. Note the picture of Villa Fenaroli. Note the town in Brescia, Rezzato. Label supplied by Andrea and Yvonne.

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