The Tambini's of Posso

Meet Pietro and Giovanna's family:

Left to right, Maria, Giovanna, Guiseppe, Pietro and Margherita.

This photo was taken after the end of WWII, about 1947. My guess is that Margherita at the time was working in or was on her way to working in Switzerland. Pietro, Maria were working the farm and Guiseppe was beginning to help with the chores. Giovanna died not to much later after giving birth to a still born child. Margherita immigrated to the USA 1950. Later Maria immigrated to England. Then Pietro immigrated to the USA, followed by Guiseppe. Pietro returned to Italy after reaching 65 and died in Italy in his 90's. Guiseppe remained in the USA, married Monique and raised his family here. They reside in Red Hook NY.

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