The Gleaner

The following is taken from Mario Previ's description of the painting.

A small painting but one of great efficiency, as many who have sen it have commented. So much so that many see it as symbol of my exhibition, dedicated to grain. Gleaning once upon a time was the habit, made such from the necessity of not leaving any ears of corn of the abundant harvest. If the harvest was good some ears were left behind as a sense of solidarity. This is traditional in the farming world. There were some women, whom destiny had left alone, who would wander the folds already empty, to gather here and there whatever was left. So gleaning from field to field they also managed to fill little sacks, at home there were many mouths to feed.

While paining I was thinking about all this and my father's words came to mind, "Always look around, someone who needs help may have fallen". A maxim, which today is not frequently practiced.

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