Protecting the Haevest

The following is taken from Mario Previ's description of the painting.

The protection of the harvest, especially when harvesting was getting closer, was essential. The wild boars that at night come down from the mountains in search of food, were a much feared danger. They were able to destroy, in a short period of time, a whole field of grain.

So I have represented, in this painting, the worry of the weary farmers, who after a hard day's worn took turns guarding the field, with torches and oil lamps, to avoid any undesirable visits: (Two worlds fighting for survival). The painting should be seen in real life to be able to fully appreciate the light of the night, which fades away in an infinite red sunset, which gives the scene a very warm tone and one of vibrant tension. The light of the lantern allows an immobile outline of the wild boar to be seen though the grain, waiting for the danger to cease.

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