The Mill

The following is taken from Mario Previ's description of the painting.

I am tied to this paining because I was complemented on it by a Croatian Master, Milo Kovacic who, thanks to my friends from Bedonia, suddenly turned up at my exhibition and commented on my paintings. Those moments have been part of my "Dream Days". i have admired the Master's work for a long time. I have spent many hours over the years, observing the smallest details of his works and trying to learn his, "secrets". These are habits which I still have. Seeing him there in front of me, while he was saying how crazy I must have been to have the patience to distribute the grains of flour all around the mill. This could not have had any effect other than to render the painting dear to my heart. Every time I see it I remember those splendid and unrepeatable moments.

The mill in the painting is from my imagination because I have only a vague recollection of the "Mulino Dall'Aglio". I still remember the Miller, white from the flour, intent on moving with repetitive gestures from the millstone to the buckets of groan. I have tried to introduce these vague recollections, while trying to transmit the feeling of being covered with flour.

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