Baptism at the Caravaggio

The following is taken from Mario Previ's description of the painting.

Caravaggio is a place on the outskirts of my Borgo and the name comes from a little votive chapel dedicated precisely to the Madonna of Caravaggio. It us a holy place and is very dear to the people, so much so, that still today, during the month of May, every evening many people go there on foot along the banks of the river Taro saying the Rosary. Through the years I have dedicated paintings, water colors and lithographs to this place. In this painting I have imagined the course of a Baptism because I was born nearby and I would love to have been Baptized in that place.

The marvel of painting: you can change the reality of events to your liking. However I have changed nothing about the atmosphere of the time because it was a Baptism celebrated at dawn amongst the simple and warm affections of my closest family and then straight home to all take part in that "First SteP" in life.

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