The following is taken from Mario Previ's description of the painting.

When in 1983 I painted this scene, my intention was to put across to people how animals in the woods camouflage themselves and blend perfectly with the vegetation. Who better could I have chosen as an example than the wild boar, one of the most solitary and suspicious of animals. At my exhibition of July 1983 people stopped in front of my painting thinking they were looking at one of my classic winter landscapes and moved on while wondering about the strange title. Finally someone picked out an eye amongst the bushes and then the outline of a splendid wild boar. From that moment the painting became the star of the exhibition and the visitors were on a treasure hunt to find the treasure. With more concentration that eye seems to be human and then this becomes what I am because in my life I have always tried as much as possible to keep myself to myself like that little wild boar who from his den observes the world outside. My world has always been small, made up of simple things and I have always hesitated a lot before opening certain doors.

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