The Special Night

The following is taken from Mario Previ's description of the painting.

Coming into the world years ago was an adventure, which today could be told with the classic beginning "Once upon a time", because being born was like the beginning of a fairytale with an uncertain ending. I was born in the wintertime, in the middle of the countryside, when a carpet of snow, half a meter high, covered everything. So when it was time my father had to accompany the midwife, step by step, from Borgo to our house with all the imaginable difficulties. Mine wasn't a special or unique case. Everyone suffered hardships, that day it was my families turn. The hardships however, were forgotten straight away when from that room came the first simple cries of a new life, which had come into the world.

That is the reason why every time I look at the painting my memory takes me back to that "Special Night" and my father, whom I lost too soon in life. I remember the things he taught me and the things every child should receive: affection, good manners and respect for others. Do your duty and you will see that one day or other you will be acknowledged. How many things I wasn't able to tell him, (many things), and after a long time, I'm still very sorry about this.

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