Ancient Ancestors, DNA Analysis

(My DVA, That Is)

Welcome to one Fenaroli DNA analysis, namely mine. Your webmaster signed up for National Geographic's Genographic project. For a monetary consideration of about $100, National Geographic sent me a DNA collection kit along with a DVD describing the project and much literature. The project uses DNA to establish the migratory journey of my DNA. The map above shows the journey and the DNA markers used to analyze the DNA. At least for this Fenaroli, and probably all of you, Fenaroli's, we Started in the Rift Valley of Africa, about 60,000 years ago and migrated over much of Central Asia and Northern Europe to eventually arriving, via Spain and Switzerland, in Italy. I wonder if the Airlines were any better then?

Below is the report I received from the project. It tells you much more than I could.




For those of you who want to know more, go to the Link below.

When on the site, Log In with FW4745K5QD. Then go to "Track Your Kit", then go to "See Your Result". This will give you access to the report on my DNA as well as other information on the site.

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