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This music was recorded by the Val-Taro Musette and local singers from Val-Taro, a well known restaurant/cabaret located on the east side of Manhattan. This music is available from iTunes and other music suppliers.

The following is extracted from "John ( Scud'lein ) Brugnoli's Val-Taro Musette Orchestra" Written by Dominic Karcic.

John, (Scud'lein), Brugnoli and Peter, (Filomeno), Delgrosso, two legendary accordionists, opened Val-Taro on December 24, 1936 at 869 Second Ave. between 46th and 47th Street. The Val-Taro Musette was farmed and played there. The Musette included Scud'lein and Filomeno as the accordionists and Joe (Canon) Cerina, guitarist although, at times, other master accordionists, occupied the Val-Taro stage. These included, Mindie Cere, Addie Cere, Pete Spagnoli, Emilio Chiesa, Hugo Nati, Gelso Pellegrini, Aldo Bruschi and Frank Toscano. In 1939 Scud'lein sold his share of Val-Taro and opened The Terrace Cafe, (Second Avr. and 59th St.). The Terrace became a second center for Northern Italian music. Scud'lein subsequently rejoined Val-Taro.

I remember both places and most of the accordionists as well. Both Scud'lein and Filomeno played for my father's 80th birthday party. Everyone danced but none more than my father.

When I grew up, we had in addition to Val_Taro and the Terrace our own music. Since this section is for "Our Music" I must say something about it. We were fortunate to have my cousin Bobby Delgrosso and a good friend Willie Brunelli who both were accomplished accordionists. They played regularly at the Italian club when it was located near the Queens end of the Triboro Bridge. I spent many an evening there dancing and having fun. In addition Bobby and Willie termed up with Lou Sussi on the violin and a friend named Vito, on the guitar to play for us at venues such as , 33rd St. Block party to celebrate the end of WWII and the return of our soldiers, at family parties and even for trips to resorts in the Catskills. A Place called Bugliani's comes to mind. Jokingly they called themselves "The Four Hemorrhoids, Pyles of Music". Sadly they never recorded. They gave us a lot of pleasure , they are sorely missed./

The Val-Taro Musette singers are, (to my knowledge), Aldo Gardella, Marino Nicolich, Oreste Goglia and Sal Rossi.

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Val-Taro Musette

Our Music
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Masolin di Fuori

Sul Ponte di Bassano and Vorre Volare

Moretto Moretto

La Stelle Alpine

Il Merlo

Amor Amor Amor

Il mio Galetto


Morretino Mio and Quel Macchinone

Andremo Sull'alte Montagne

L'anima mia

Vicino alla Marina, Marina

Bionda bella Bionda (Picina Picina)

La Montanara

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