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Meet Luigi's family:

Top left to right, Albert, Eugene, Ettore and Joseph, Bottom Josie, Camille, Nonena Maria, Louise, Delphine. See "Old Photos" for more info.

It is over 100 years since our ancestors came across the Atlantic, most in their teens or early twenties, to seek a new life in the New World. What in their nature caused them to leave loved ones a life and culture known to them to make a new beginning in a World dominated by a strange often hostile culture and a strange language? What was their land and hence the land of our roots like? What are the origins of our people? What is our heritage?

It is natural for us to be curious about our ancestors and the history of our origins. It is also good to remember some of the wonderful stories handed down by our parents and grand parents. The family of this discourse is the famoly of Luigi Fenaroli. Stories passed on by Ettore, Eugene, Louise indicate the Fenaroli's were in the past landed gentry occupying an estate in Northern Italy, (see the "Old Photos" section for photos and information on The Villa Palace Fenaroli in Rezzato, Brescia), or Canton Ticino Switzerland or perhaps both. Apparently the estate was lost at the gambling table by the Lord of the Manor. The Fenaroli's migrated to other lands. There are branches in London, Paris as well as Milano and Porcigatone Italy and many other places. Marco, Luigi's father settled in Porcigatone. (See Fenaroli farm in Old Photos).

These pages will take you from today to as far back as 1000 years and even to Roman times. You may be surprised by what you learn. The Fenaroli's were often political, military and religious leaders in their time. Yes we do have a crest. (see "We are Nobility"). In addition there have been artistic fenaroli's with some notoriety in art and music. It would seem some of those genes re-appeared in Aunt Louise, Rita and Aldo Sussi and others.

It is in the interest of preserving these data and stories primarily for our younger generations, that prompted me to produce these pages. Key contributors are Aunt Louise, Aldo and Rita Sussi, Mike Gosiewski, Emil Delgrosso. I have also used data derived from the Internet, Historical Texts and Novels and more recently a book given to me by Guiseppe Tambini my wife's cousin living in Borgotaro. Special thanks to Ed Sussi for his beautiful artistic renditions of the family crest. Many thanks to Yvonne and Andrea (Pasmore) Fenaroli for the photos and information they supplied on the Fenaroli Estate in Brescia.

Last but certainly not least all Fenaroli's are ideated to Giovanni Ernesto Fenaroli of Pisogne, Lago D'Iseo for his monumental research into the origins of the Fenaroli family. Read on and enjoy.

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