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Surfing the Internet for Fenaroli's

Have you ever surfed the Internet using your family name ? Try it. The Fenaroli family is unique for an Italian family name because it is a surprisingly small set of folks.

As an example, the Fenaroli's of Porcigatone migrated to the USA. Today there are, to my knowledge, no other Fenaroli's in the vicinity of Borgotaro. That is not true of the other families. When I first visited Borgotaro I thought I recognized most of the people. What I saw were the faces familiar to the folks I knew back home. These were the Delgrosso's, the Vignali's, the DelMaestro's, the Tambini's, the Cacchioli's and many others. So imagine my surprise when my son Peter told me he searched for Fenaroli on the Internet and got over 200 hits. The following are some of the hits. See if you can decipher the Italian.

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