5. Eugene2 Fenaroli (Luigi1) was born in Porcigatone Parma Italy August 27, 1893. Eugene died Nov. 6,1983 in Astoria New York NY.

He married Adele Cacchioli Fenaroli in Manhattan NY, 1921. Adele was born April 13, 1902. Adele died July 24, 1982 in Astoria NY, at 80 years of age. Eugene arrived in the United States January 17, 1910 on the French Liner La Lorraine. It appears the preferred travel routes were from A French Channel port, probably Le Havre to the USA. Eugene's brother Ettore crossed on the same French Liner four years earlier. Eugene as with most immigrants from Borgo started his working career in a New York Hotel kitchen.

Eugene entered the US Army in time to go to France for WW1. As children, we, Rita, Lou, Louise, Joey, Arthur, Raymond, Johnny and Marie often played with his Army gear. In particular his gas mask. Eugene gained some note among his officers as a pastry chef of considerable talent. This allowed him to get away with many indiscretions, including beating up on French soldiers whenever they bad mouthed the Italians.

Upon return to the USA after the end of WW1, he resumed his cooking career rising to the rank of Head Chef for the Longchamps group of fine French Restaurants. I remember well seeing Uncle Eugene in the kitchen of Longchamps immaculately dressed in his Chefs garb, inspecting plates as they left the kitchen. I can tell you from direct experience he was very well respected.

Eugene Fenaroli and Adele CacchioliFenaroli had the following children:

child + 16 i. Joseph3 Fenaroli was born Sept. 22 1926.

child + 17 ii. Marie Antonette Fenaroli was born Aug. 2, 1931.

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