Arthur & Rita


The date was Jan. 10, 1953. We were married in the Immaculate conception church in Astoria Queens. That evening we went to that Park Plaza hotel and left the next day for our furnished apartment in Asbury New Jersey. I was working with the Ft. Monmouth Signal Corps Labs. We had a weekend honeymoon in Asbury Park in January. I remember walking on the boardwalk, it was mild for January, but we were the only folks in sight. We stayed in Asbury Park for three months. I had to leave to go into the Army and Rita ended up in the Bahamas for three months trying to get back into the country. She had to leave the USA because her student's Visa had expired. An immigration lawyer had advised her to go to Nasau and request a permenent Visa based upon being the wife of a US citizen and soldier to boot. It didn't work out well. I went into the Army and it took three months to get the visa. Meanwhile I was going through Basic. However as I completed Basic training, Rita was able to return and we took a furnished apartment in Edgewood Md. I was assigned to the Chemical Corps Labs there and spent the remainder of my time working on Production methaods for Nerve Gas. We enjoyed our early wedded life in Edgewood. Rita got a job in Baltimore. She always manged to find jobs no matter where we went. She was an excellent tailor for men's clothes having been trained in Switzerland. She went there at the tender age of 16 to earn money. Italy was a disaster at the time. She eventually migrated to the USA.

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