Three Unknown, (to me), Soldiers

Circa 1914

This photo was found in Nonena's, (Maria Fenaroli), box of photos, thanks to the Taddei's. Apparently in that era it was common for a photographer to print the photo on Post Card Stock. The back of the photo is also shown. Clearly the photo was taken in Italy. In Fact it was taken in Torino. Interesting how French the back appears. Naploeon's impact is still apparent. Isn't that a nifty Logo. There is some writing in the upper part, but I could not dicipher anything. If anybody has a clue, please tell me.

One can only hope these three fine looking young men were not sent across the Ponte di Basano to Caporetto. That area was the site of Fifteen bloody battles between the Italians and the Austrians during WW1. The Austro-Italian war Front of WW1 is not often mentioned, except by authors like Hemingway, ( For Whom the Bell Tolls). However this front was almost as bloody and tragic for the soldiers here as for the soldiers on the Western Front. It was trench warfare at it's worst. Not only mud and lice and whatever but also freezing cold high in the Tyrols. Italy lost one million men and Austria an equal number.

Recently while biking in the Tyrol area I saw a huge Peace bell. It was cast by a mutual effort of Italians and Austrians from all the cannons remaining in the area. Today a border that was for centuries a source of wars and violence no longer exists. It is just a beautifil peacefull area. It can happen. It does take time.

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