Uncle Albert and Friends

Circa 1917

This photo is classic. Four young vibrant fellows, all immigrants all in the service for their country. The information I have is as follows: From left to right:

First we have Guido Delgrosso, Nonena's brother therefore uncle to Ettore, Eugene, Albert, Joseph, although of the same age group. Guido is a sailor and eventually went to Chicago to live.

Second we have Uncle Albert Fenaroli, US Army. Uncle Albert started the Manhattan Express Trucking Company. Pictures of some of the trucks are shown in the photo section "Places and Moments in Time"

Third we have Frank Delgrosso, Nonena's nephew. Frank is an Army man. His uniform has an Infantry Man's badge and he has two ribbons. Wonder what they were for?

On the right is Ettore Delgrosso, Nonena's brother. His uniform shows a USN,(Navy), pin on his Hat and Petty Officer stripes on his tunic. I would love to know more about that.

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