Luigi Fenaroli's Family

Circa 1917

This is one of those momemtous moments in time. It is Luigi Fenaroli's family as it existed in 1917. Luigi himself passed away in Porcigatone before he could complete the migration of the family to America. My information is that Luigi was waiting with Josie, Camille, Louise for Nonena to come back to Porcigatone to help with the last move. Luigi died before she arrived. In 1917 the family went to the photographer for this one and only complete family portrait. One problem, Uncle Eugene was in France. The photographer fixed the problem. He left a spote in the photo for Eugene, then cut in a photo of Eugene in uniform, see Ancestors in the military for the photo that was used. This way the family was complete. From right to left we have:

Joseph, Ettore, Eugene, Albert, bottom row, Josie, Camille, Nonena, Louise and Delphine.

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