Nonena's 70th Birthday Party


Here is one of those photos that captures a significant momemt in time. It is Nonena's 70th birthday. It is prior to WWII. All of Nonenena's grandchildren are present. That never happened before this photo nor after this photo. This photo is the moment. From left to right we have:

Marie, at the table, behind Marie, Arthur, behind Arthur Rita, next to Marie, Bobby, behind Bobby, Alma, behind Alma, Lou, next to Lou is Aldo, Next along the table is Florence, Nonena, Lou, Chubby, Joey, Albert, behind Albert is Freddy.

What a moment in time. My biggest memory of that event was Bomba. Bomba was a rice dish made in a cake or loaf form with tender succelent pieces of young squab. It was so good. It was Nonena's piece de resistance. It would take her hours to prepare it. We ate it along with other epicurean delights and with home made wine. In those days, in an Italian family it was OK for children to have wine with meals.

They had so much good sense.

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