Ettore and Family


Therer doesn't seem to be any occasion for this photo, but there is. It is a very important occasion. WWII had started in 1939. Pearl Harbor was bombed Dec. 7, 1941. We were at war. There was nothing but war in our future for a long time to come. My brother was just about to enter the Army. My mother on the spur of the moment got us to dress up while Pop was home, dragged us down to the photographer and had this photo taken. Rita was 21, Lou was 18 and I was 14.

That evening Pop took us to New York, Guffanti's Restaurant for a special family dinner. It was a solemn but very important occasion. It was the first time I saw my Pop put his arm around Lou. Parents were not very demonstartive then, but they were as solid and dependable as a stone wall.

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