Ettore, Eugene, Antonietta and Adel at sea.

Circa 1954

It was about 1954. Poppa and Uncle Eugene had retired. They decided to visit Italy. They travelled via the American Export Line going and the Italian Line returning. This was the first and only time Poppa , Uncle Eugene and Adel visited Italy. Mom had been thee before, just prior to WWII with My brother Lou. Lou was sickly and Mom brought him there to see if he would get better. With Mountain Air and a little of Grandpa's wine he did get better.

On this trip Poppa started to have Prostate problems on the ship. He was operated on in the hospital of Borgotaro. Apparently he recoverred in a month or two and continued to travel to Rome, Venice, Florence, etc. All together they were there almost 6 months. Had a great time. Wasn't that nice after all those years of hard work. This Photo was taken on the "Augustus" on the way back. The voyage from Genoa to New York took 9 days.

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