Louis Fenaroli


My brother Lou went into the Army soon after Pearl Harbor early in 1942. I remember this photo was taken while Lou was in training in Fort Stewart Georgia. He trained in an antiaircraft Battalion. His primary weapon was a Bofors 40mm antiaircraft cannon. The battalion trained as an airborne unit gun and all. His battalion went to the Far East, Burma Theater, via the east coast and the Panama Canal. Luckely Lou becme ill with a serious blood desease just prior to thier departure. As a result he was transferred to another antiaircraft unit and was shipped to the Phillipines. There he saw action. His gun was used as an antiaircraft and an antitank weapon. He came home several months after VJ day. How well I remember seeing his name listed in the New York Times as arriving on the "Good Ship" Pennant in San Francisco. We found out via the newspaper. Lou was not great at letter writing.

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