The Four Cacchioli Sisters

Circa 1919

The Cacchioli Sisters imigrated from their fathers farm in Posso Near Borgotaro Italy essentially on their own. They all arrived around the tender age of 20 years. Gina came first, Antonietta second, Delina third, and Clementina last. They left from a tenant farm in Italy with little or no opportunity, married in America and lived the remainder of their lives in America. Only Antonietta and Delina returned for a visits to their home. Antonietta was the only one to visit Italy while her father and siblings were still alive. Delina did see siblings on her visit. The others never saw their family again. They Cacchioli's that remained in Italy were two full sisters, Mayatella and Maria, two full brothers, Giovanni and Luigi and three half brothers, Gigino, Pepino and Pietro. Gigino was lost in Russia during WWII, see "ancestors in the Military" for photo and details.

The four siters eventually lived in the same four family house in Astoria. The address was 23 30-33rd st. How well I remember growing up with my sister and brother and five other cousins. There were eight of us Children.

Take a good look at the four girls. From left to right Antonietta, Gina, Clementina and Delina. All single at the time. Look at the eyes. Full of confidence and determination. The Spirit of America in their eyes.

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