Arthur Lou Rita

My Holy Communion Day


The occasion for this photo is obvious., My Holy Communion. Why else would I be in that silly outfit. There are somethings I remember about that day. It was the custom, in those days, to have formal photos taken at the photographer's studio. Photographers didn't go on location for such events for ordinary folks. What does that mean you ask? Well picture how many children were making Holy Communion on that warm spring day. There were hundreds in our neighborhood. All waiting at the photographers to have their obligatory pictures taken. We spent the better part of the afternoon after Communion waiting to have our pictures taken.

Now to the picture, is it Black and white or is it color? It is Black and white, Color film was still being invented. The photographer colored the Black and White picture by hand. Didn't he do a great job and aren't we a good looking trio of kids?

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